Starting my own business

Last month I worked at a place for a one month trial. During the first three weeks it was obvious, I was going to get the job. However the fourth week everything suddenly changed. It was obvious that something had happened. My leader sneered at me, my coworkers were acting very strange and distant – and it was just very, very obvious – that something had changed within a day.

80 % of our language is body language – so I would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice the sudden change.

I therefore knew, I wasn’t going to get the job anyways – and I was right. The last meeting I had with my leader was very odd: She was saying very strange things such as – you are too well-educated, we can’t afford you.


Well, they knew my education before hiring me – and they had all sorts of plans with me, that is, until the fourth week, then they suddenly didn’t have any plans at all.

So, I confronted my leader, asking her if anybody had made any anonymous phone calls – which she denied.

And I believe her, the stalkers probably changed tactics, after I was contacted last time by my previous job – telling me, that an anonymous phone-caller had called.

So, now I’m fed up with applying for jobs. Instead I’m starting my own business – and one of the things I’m offering is helping stalking victims.

I have finished my book – and will also offer lectures where I tell my story and share my experiences.

Because after they began mutilating my dogs, I have had enough.

This is going to be my life from now on – and I have given up my anonymity in that connection.

NB. I still haven’t made the video as I promised – this T.I. life is truly a fulltime job, so things might take a little longer. But I will make it – I have tons of videos, that I want to make – just putting it all out there.

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