Drones flying around my house

For a long time I thought I was being beamed by satellites. I therefore assumed it was satellites beaming my house.

I have been aware of the fact, that drones were flying around my house at night, but I didn’t know they were able to beam me. I thought they were just watching my house.

Until a few days ago.

I’ve been seeing these drones for months, but it is extremely difficult to take pictures of them at night – because, how do I show that it isn’t a star or airplane?

However some days ago, I got lucky. I was standing in the doorway to my house, when I spotted two drones being sent up in the sky on my neighbor’s property. I have long known, that my neighbors property was the new headquarter, but hasn’t been able to come up with any real documentation backing up my knowledge.

That was until these two drones was being sent up in the air. Well, that for some unreasonable reason, isn’t illegal in Denmark. However, you are not allowed to turn of the light, which they did, while I was filming.

A few days after I filmed the drones, I was able to film, that I was being beamed by drones. By using my RF detector it is clear that I was beamed on my body from different angles, coming from the sky. I could feel the beam quite vividly – that’s how I realized, I was being beamed by drones moving around.

I haven’t edited this video yet, but will post i tomorrow – Monday.

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