Denmark is 5G test country

Yesterday it was announced in all the major newspapers in Danmark, that we are going to be 5G test country this year. So, not only are the Danish government selling the population to human research in the program Start with Denmark: StartWithDenmarkShort2017 We are also going to be microwaved to pieces.

Skærmbillede fra 2019-02-26 14-33-28

And the decision has been on the way for years: I found another article today, revealing that the corporate society in Denmark has been planning to roll out 5G already back in 2015.

Well, the future has finally arrived.

Skærmbillede fra 2019-02-26 14-36-03

Me myself feels like a 5G test subject these days, as I’m being heavily beamed to the point, where my heart is out of control and I can barely breathe due to microwave radiation. I will therefore try to update my ECG findings today to show how out of control the situation has become.


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