Sharing new evidence – ECG measurements

As I promised, I’m sharing my latest ECG findings. It is late, so I will work on these findings again, since I have made some notes in connection to some of the measurements, especially when I’m awake during the day.

However, I can say right now, that I’m not running around – on the contrary! I did try to do some moderate workout at home yesterday, but after 5 minutes of warming up, I had to give up continuing – while I was out of breath. I therefore did a short 30 seconds ECG test, as you can see.



And the heartbeats per minute was pretty alarming – 219 heartbeats. No wonder I couldn’t continue.

Well, often I also have 200 heartbeats per minute, when I’m asleep, so it is very disturbing. And I’m more or less sleeping with my ECG monitor every night now, because a lot of bad things are happening, when I’m asleep.

ECG measurements

I hope you’ll be able to open this Powerpoint slideshow.

By the way, I use a certified ECG monitor for my private findings: Heal Force PC-80B.

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