Do not resist – a documentary

I just watch the award-winning documentary – Do not resist which I highly recommend. It is a documentary about the insane situation America is in – being a police state, surveilling each and everyone, and even predicting criminal offenders, before they do their crime (watching the documentary it seems as if they only have black offenders in the US – talk about the Minority Report). It is a documentary in which it is revealed how drones in the future will be able to eliminate people on the decision made by a computer and some BS computer rating system (as a matter of fact it is mentioned, how they are already able to do so).

It is a horrifying documentary about life in the western world today.

And it makes me want to vomit, when I think about the hypocrisy in the western world.

Last week I saw a documentary on Danish television about how the surveillance is out of control in China – and how people are being rated by the government, with devastating consequences for many people and minorities.

Well, they are doing the same in the western world – they just don’t talk about it.

It does cost about 3 – 4 dollars to watch the documentary.

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