The Putin Interviews

More and more we are being told in the Western world, that Putin is a dangerous man and that he is pushing NATO to war. Is he really? The more I learn, the more I realize, that if it wasn’t for Putin, the world would be in even more chaos.

Anyways, there is a saying: Know your enemies. So, I’m watching this dangerous man in Oliver Stones documentary, The Putin Interviews – and somehow he doesn’t seem so dangerous to me.

I think Oliver Stone might have the same impression, because the documentary is opened by a journalist accusing Trump of liking a man (Putin) who is a KILLER – to which Trump answer: And you think, we are so innocent?

Listening to Douglas Valentine, the author to the book The CIA as Organized Crime, among other important books – you must listen to this man – it also becomes clear, that Russia at least after Second World War was too shattered to pose any real threat – it is just one big mindgame being manufactured to lure us into a war, if you ask me: Either you are with us or against us. And this documentary just takes us even further behind the scenes and reveals the big lie.

What I also noticed is – how incredibly much Putin has change during the years, and since I know about the bioeffects/symptoms of electromagnetic radiation, I can’t help but wonder??? I know, I have changed a lot over the course of the last two decades.

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