In memory of journalist Tommy Hansen

Being a T.I. have truly been a journey into the deepest, darkest most bizarre and horrible corners of the human mind and how the world is run by The Deep State aka CIA, Council of Foreign Relation, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the media, US military, Secret Services etc., etc. (if you listen to Tommy Hansen the true key to the Deep State is Council of Foreign Relation and it’s ties to all important institutions – including CIA, Secret services, Red Cross – you name it!).

I have learned so much and I’m still learning every single day, about the horrible truth behind the illusion, that has been created.

I started out listening to people such as Ella Free, Ramola D, Katherine Horton etc., etc., talking about the covert war against innocent people around the world. I honestly felt lost being a Danish citizen without any real ties to the world and people who knew about these atrocities. That’s also why I’m writing in English, since I didn’t think, I would have a Danish audience – besides my perpetrators.

However during the summer I became aware of the Danish upcoming Party JFK, and through them I became aware of a man named Carl Henrik Rørbeck, who is also concerned about the hidden agenda. And through listening to Carl Henrik I became aware of an independent Danish web-tv, called and through dkdox I became aware of Tommy Hansen – who recently died of cancer at the age of 61 (hm… I’m not saying what I’m thinking, but if you know my story, it should be obvious).

And I realized, that a lot of people – even in little Denmark, knows about the Deep State and the hidden agenda. Maybe they are not investigating in electromagnetic warfare and harassment of innocent people around the world – but they are still fighting the same war from a slightly different perspective/angle.

And Tommy Hansen is truly a man to remember. He was a journalist, who realized something was terrible wrong after 9/11 and became independent after that. Before his death he was situated in Germany and his lifework is the independent news media:

Free21 is today writing in 7 language and have many good independent journalist connected – and Free21 will continue even though Tommy Hansen has sadly left us – I would loved to have met him. Free21 also need all the voluntary help it can get, and I’m not just talking money:

Since I’m writing in English, I have found an English YouTube video where Tommy Hansen talks about what he knows best, the corrupt media and much, much more – he truly knew a lot.

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