Electromagnetic harassment of my nearest and dearest

Late October, just before I moved, I wrote on my blog, that I would write about some of my friends, who I also strongly believe are being beamed with directed energy weapons.

The reason why I wanted to write about this particular subject was, that one of my closest friends, the psychologist, that I recently began seeing again, after I hadn’t seen her for years, told me that she was sure, she was also experiencing microwave attacks and most likely also eavesdropping etc.

I myself had already had the thought, because her symptoms were so similar to the symptoms I had, when I first became electromagnetic harassed (I really don’t like the term harassed, since it is a huge underestimation).

So, while I’m laying on the couch feeling very miserable, being beamed so hard – I really can’t do anything but lay down – I thought, I might as well use the opportunity to write about my friends.

First, I would like to say, that I’m quite convinced that there are several people close to me, who are under attack – almost all of them without realizing it.

And I understand it is hard to grasp, I myself still have a hard time grasping, what is happening to me. It is therefore unfair to expect others, who are under much less obvious attacks, to realize, what is happening.

However, my friend, the psychologist had no doubt – she called me up one day shortly after we came back from Portugal, telling me, that she had been sick with the flu for many weeks at that time, that she woke up with headaches every morning and a feeling of being even more tired, than before she went to bed – and that she was feeling tired and exhausted all the time. I felt exactly the same way, when I first became gang stalked in 2016. She also told me, that she woke up one night, with a sensation of electricity going through her heart. And she didn’t doubt this experience. As a last comment she told, that she had been having heavily diarrhea to the point where she sometime didn’t make it in time to the bathroom.

During the last couple of year I have had three other friends also complaining about/suffering from diarrhea so bad, they sometimes didn’t make it to the bathroom in time.

Well, that is four of my closest friends – all adult people. I have never ever heard any of my friends having these issues – so of course I pay attention, when I hear about similarities of that nature.

One of the above mention friends is also very sick, having all kind of skin-issues, coughing all the time, being unable to sleep and just feeling very poorly. Her issues began almost immediately after she began seeing me again back in 2017, just as it was the case with the psychologist. A third of the above mentioned friends have been sick for some years now, and I have no doubt, he is also being electromagnetic harassed. One night I slept in his living-room back in 2017, because I couldn’t sleep at home, when I heard the low-frequent sound of him being pulsed in his bed from the basement (he lived on the ground-floor) while I myself was being kept awake due to directed energy attacks. The pulse was so hard and woke him up immediately – causing him to rush to the toilet. It was quite noticeable, what I had heard waking him up, so I told him, but he didn’t believe me, he thought I had gone mad.

Besides having issues with his stomach, he also suffers from extreme fatigue, so server he can’t work – being constantly exhausted to the point where he can’t function and feels sick all the time.

A fifth friend I have already been writing about in previous blog-posts, because her case is so obvious in my opinion.

In contrast to the four other people I have just been writing about – this person haven’t ever been complaining about stomach-issues – but whether she is keep it a secret, because it is to embarrassing to talk about, I don’t know. I myself have also been beamed so hard in my stomach several times, I couldn’t stop vomiting before the attack stopped.

So, I know the feeling.

However the fifth friend began complaining about being harassed by her neighbors years before me. She complained about being poisoned, being sick and miserable etc. And for a long time, I thought she was crazy. It wasn’t before, I was being subjected to the electromagnetic harassment in a manner I couldn’t ignore in 2016/2017, that I realized, I was having the same issues, as she used to have.

In the end she was forced to leave her apartment and for about three years she lived outside Copenhagen. In 2017 she found a new apartment in Copenhagen, and all her troubles began again. Now it was mainly noise-harassment, but she also complained about being poisoned. She complained about lots of wireless signals in her apartment, that she had measured and she complained about strange smells in her apartment and so on and so on.

During 2018 the harassment suddenly stopped and she was able to move back to her new apartment again, which she had left for months, because she couldn’t stay there. Also my other friend, the friend who lived on the ground-floor, suddenly felt better during 2018. He is still sick, but generally feels better.

I find the fact, that two of my friends simultaneously suddenly feels better during June – July, quite remarkable: And my personal belief is, that it is due to my writings, documentation and outspokenness. During the summer of 2018 it is my own impression, that I’ve been posting some fairly convincing evidence – including my medical records: Especially if you really looking into my documentation/evidence. Besides that, I have also begun reaching out to relevant people and will continue this, after I have settle down in my new home.

I therefore believe it was getting too obvious, that many of my friends was also being mysteriously ill or harassed, so the perpetrators decided to focus on me – trying to make me quiet. That is my believe anyways, since it isn’t that often, that you hear about targets suddenly not being targeted, both simultaneously. 

My friend, the psychologist – is also okay again. The only one besides me, who is still complaining, is the other female friend I began seeing again in 2017, when she herself began being very sick.

This particular friend used to live in the US, being married to a Danish US citizen and former military man, who suddenly died very quickly of cancer before the age of 55. And she has also been experiencing strange thinks and being sick, while she was still living in the US. I believe she returned to Denmark around 2015. She even got this very hard grain the size of a rice, under her skin on one of her arms. And if anyone has ever been chip, I belive it is a chip. You can grab it and feel it – so, I was really surprised.

However, after we began seeing each other again back in 2017, she became even more sick and also had the issue with diarrhea only weeks after we first met – but she still has a hard time believing in electromagnetic harassment and how big this phenomenon has become worldwide.

So, of all the five people I’ve been mentioning in this blog-post, it is only the psychologist who acknowledge, that she was a victim of electromagnetic harassment back in October. Of course all of them might still be victims including others, that I haven’t mentioned in this blog, but if so – it is happening in a manner, that isn’t obvious.

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