When I think about it, it is just so obvious

I’m back from the hospital, after I’ve been treated with oxygen and some medication, that opened up the bronchi and made me able to breathe – as well as I was given some other medication, that I will have to take for the next couple of days, so I won’t relapse – well, we’ll see about that? Because “they” are already back at microwaving my lungs again, it began almost as soon as I came home.

Right now the time is 02:22 am and I’m having difficulties breathing again – and it made me think about how obvious my case truly is:

In 2016 I began feeling very sick, tired and poorly all the time – having headaches every morning, feeling more tired when I woke up, than when I went to bed etc., etc.. – it took about 6 month before I realized, I was being electromagnetic harassed in January 2017.

Then during the summer of 2017 I started going in and out of hospitals, I was even hospitalized twice because my condition was so severe, they had to keep mecan it be more clear than that? Besides, I have never been hospitalized with any of the conditions I’m suffering from now – and if you look up symptoms of microwave radiations you will realize, that I got quite a lot of similar symptoms – all of a sudden, after I began clamming I was being electromagnetic harassed!!! (it wasn’t as if I invented the whole electromagnetic harassment problem after I had been hospitalized – no, I had been talking about this for a long time, before I started to go in and out of hospitals. And all the medical examinations – it wasn’t me going to the doctor telling them how poorly I felt – no, it was the doctors realizing something was terribly wrong – for instance my heart is still being examined and I have to go again next month – so now we are talking two conditions mysteriously appearing after I’d been clamming I was being electromagnetic harassed – My medical journals 2 – heart-issues etc.).


(sorry, if I’m not in a very good mood right now – but this is just pure madness, I call it “the insanity of normality”).

The problem is people don’t even bother looking it up – they just assume it is pure madness. I am however certain, that people will wake up to the gruesome truth sooner or later.

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