Back at the hospital

I’m back at the hospital with lung-issues for the first time since 2017. My oxygen level in the blood is much to low, my pulse is raised and I can’t breathe after “they” have been beaming my lungs almost non-stop for the last couple of days.

I don’t know why the attacks have increased recently: maybe it’s because, I’m moving? Maybe it is because, my bare existence has shattered the nice picture perfect family image/lifestyle around here (the “nice” semi-wealthy area where I live) which I tend to believe, due to many things, that I won’t go into.

Of course it could also be due to the fact, that I’ve bought an ECG heart monitor, but that to me is the least likely possibility, since I’ve been measuring several attacks already on my heart after I purchased the ECG monitor.

The question is – who will benefit from causing me extra harm right now, who feel motivated enough to make me suffer so much, I had to go to the hospital, because my lungs were unable to recover by themselves?

Without going into it any deeper, I can only think of my neighbors aka the Tesla-guy and his wife.

Anyways, I’ve been beamed so intense in my lungs from multiple locations day in and day out (which I tend to believe is related to “the situation” with my neighbors) and in the end my lungs just couldn’t handle it anymore.

It has often been hard to tell whether I was beamed from the ground or from space. However, going to the hospital it was obvious, that I was beamed from space, while driving. Normally when you leave the energy-source by which you are being beamed, the symptoms will immediately get better, but today my symptoms didn’t start to get any better before I entered the hospital building, which I relate to the fact, that I was being beamed all the way to the hospital in my lungs – I could even feel where the energy was entering my body from behind my back.

And while I’m writing this blog-post, sitting in a private hospital-room, I can feel, how I’m being beamed from behind (coming from outside or the basement) my back starts to hurt again and I’m suddenly coughing – so, we’ll see how the treatment will turn out?

2 thoughts on “Back at the hospital

  1. Oh, Anne, I am so sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital — but well enough to post something about it, so that’s encouraging. Yes, I think blood oxygen level is something that is directly related to being attacked this way. I’m trying to think of where I got that information. If I can find something, I will post it so you can show your doctors. Maybe that could be useful in terms of showing what’s happening to you. I hope so.

    I really do wish we could talk so we could share — learn from each other — etc.


    1. Hi Kat or whomever you are? I’ll have to say, that even though you emails are mostly nice, they do make me uncomfortable: First you wrote to me, that the T.I. community in the US is not very well established. I’m wondering if that’s a way to discredit the community and its creditability? Secondly you started to question my last video, where I post a video of a car parked at the bus-stop. And lastly you just had to add a remark, regarding the fact, that I was well enough to write a blog, while I was at the hospital – again discrediting my health-issues related to the electromagnetic harassment. Well, let me make it clear – I will write about these crimes until my last breath. And while I was fighting to get air, I felt it even more important to post a blog as soon as possible – if that makes sense? And as a final remark, I would never share anything, with people I don’t know and trust – especially not people I haven’t seen. So, because of this, I think it is time to end our conversation. Take care. Anne


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