The 4th Estate’s version of reality

Since I got my ECG heart monitor yesterday the satellite-man has really beamed my chest/heart wherever I go, with some very painful DEW,  that doesn’t make my heart beat faster, but harder and even slower or irregularly. And it is really painful, it feels as if a hard energy-beam is being forced inside my body. So, when you try to defend yourself, they come up with another solution – which is why I don’t recommend anyone to share their defends-strategies, at least not in a public forum.

Anyways, the day of our departure going back to Denmark from Portugal after a week of torture and covert, electromagnetic assassination attempts, my friend showed me a Danish online weather news article concerning airplane trails on the sky over Denmark.

Several people had been posting pictures of some peculiar airplane trails on a Danish news-stations website, asking the weatherman, what sort of trails it was.

Skærmbillede fra 2018-10-19 17-15-31

Picture 1 taken from the weather news website

And the weather-mans answer was, that it was trails after military jet planes – and that the reason why the trails didn’t vanish, was because of the humidity in the air.

Is that so?!

Well, maybe the weatherman doesn’t know any better, since he was only referring to the answer he himself was given by the Danish Military: Apparently the weather-man didn’t have an answer himself, but had to contact the military concerning this peculiar phenomenon.

I myself have seen chemtrails floating by at the same time as a commercial plane flew by: And the contrails from the commercial plane almost vanished immediately, while the chemtrails turned into strange clouds slowly floating by.


Picture 2 the sky above my house.

Picture 3 the sky above my house showing a commercial airplane – taken at the exact same time as picture 2.

But of course one can always argue, that there is a difference in the airplanes altitude – since there always seems to be countless explanations when it comes to denying reality – or…

Maybe it is true, that the humidity in this particular case, caused the circles on the sky?


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