Take back your power

I’m back in Denmark – and even if the electromagnetic harassment isn’t any better here in Denmark vs Portugal – I have still better options to act, when I’m in my home-country rather than some foreign country, where I don’t know how the system works.

So, who should have thought, that I would long for Denmark under my present circumstances as a T.I.

Anyways, I have bought a house and in that connection I have begun a fight with the system – since the Danish government have decided, that all houses/people in Denmark have to have a smart meter, which include my house.

The struggle is therefore to have the smart meter removed, since it is an evil covert microwave-weapon – which radiate high levels of microwaves 24/7 – much, much higher than a cell-phone and much, much higher than any health-limitations.

I know this is common knowledge to most people in the US and other countries, but in Denmark most people don’t even know about the dangers of smart meters, because nobody have informed the general public – so, we just continue our daily life without even knowing (I think it is because we have a history of very low corruption within our government and other official institutions, and therefore have a lot of unreasonable trust in the system and don’t question anything here in Denmark).

I myself used to be a sleepwalker – and if it wasn’t because “they” have been radiating the hell out of me, I probably would still be fast asleep, believing in the world I was raised to believe in – believing that we are living in a functioning democracy and not some political theater, bought and paid for by people of extreme wealth and corruption, believing that we had actually learned something after 2. World War and that we, as rational human beings would never ever consider living under some totalitarian regime – etc.

That’s why some of these fairly old documentaries that I’ve been posting lately are BIG NEWS – at least to me, since nobody has taught us about smart meters, HAARP, electromagnetic frequencies etc., etc. – here in Denmark.

I wonder why? The 4. branch of government aka the news-media certainly haven’t used its full potential  as a public service institution – on the contrary I might add.

So, one has to educate oneself – and when you start to realize how develop the control-grid and pure madness of humanity really has become right in front of our very eyes, it is almost incomprehensible how nobody, including myself, haven’t noticed anything.

I therefore hope you will watch the documentary: Take back your power – if you aren’t already far more educated than I am and have already seen it.

NB. It is quite long – so if you don’t have the time to watch all of it – please watch the part in the documentary concerning the microwave radiation 40 minutes into the documentary.


5 thoughts on “Take back your power

    1. Hi Kat. Didn’t you see this video either?! I thought everybody but me had seen it. How are you doing by the way? Hope you are hanging in there? I myself finally got my own home after more than a year, living here and there. I’ll be moving on the 1. of November.


  1. Nope. This video was new to me.

    There is so little real communication among us all, I think, that we have all learned different things.

    Have you seen this one? It’s about a town where I stayed for awhile recently, Eugene Oregon.

    I hope you can enjoy your new home! I am so happy for you. I hope you find ways to make it safer than ever.


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