Stay Behind

Mostly I live my life day by day, but once in a while I’m being hit by the magnitude of horror I’ve been living in, especially during the last two years: The constant covert electromagnetic killing-attempts (which also include torture, both physical but certainly also psychological, since you are living in a situation, where you can’t really share your experiences with others, because they are too unimaginable to most people) but also the psychological torture of being monitored all the time one way or the other, whether it is on your phone, computer or through some sophisticated real-time technology or by gang stalkers?

Yesterday night was one of these nights, where I was being hit by the absolute terror, I’m being subjected to on a daily basis: On top of that, my perpetrators really didn’t like my last blog-post. I think it’s the “name dropping”, that really bothers them, since I’m not playing by their rules, but are trying to expose as much as I can.

So, after my last blog-post they went for my heart in a crazy manner – and I was being targeted from every possible directions, including from space.

Besides that my eyes have also been frequently beamed for approximate the last two weeks: For instance my right eye is right now swollen, my vision is blurred and I have this needle-pain inside my eye, whenever I’m being beamed from the other side of the lake, which explains why it is only my right eye.

And it just brought back some old, familiar experiences/memories (kind of like a déjà vu) that I wasn’t able to link to the electromagnetic harassment, before I had the same experiences (symptoms of various kind) during the summer of 2018.

I don’t know how the “first” stalkers initiation of the gang stalking and electromagnetic harassment is connected to the fact, that I’m convinced, I’ve been targeted for decades prior to the gang stalking began back in 2016. My only explanation is, that this whole phenomenon is driven by deception – and that I can only truly rely on my firsthand experiences (both when it comes to the electromagnetic harassment and the gang stalkers) as they seems to be the most valid source in this whole ordeal.

So, despite everything I’m still certain, that the symptoms, I’ve been having during this summer, are the same symptoms I’ve been having for decades (only difference is, that now I’m able to link these symptoms to the beaming, since it has become much more obvious and undisguised): And once again my attention is steered towards my childhood, youth and family background: Because I truly see no reasons, why I should have been targeted 20 years back in time or more, besides my family being heavily involved with socialism.

Looking into the covert organization Stay Behind, my suspicion is only confirmed – and what I found is close ties between people of wealth and power in Europe and the governments, CIA – etc. – which to me seems to go hand in hand with today’s secret conspiracy lead by the globalists, Deep State, Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group etc., etc.

However since Stay Behind is a covert operation, that no official institution likes to be linked to, there isn’t a lot of information available. But since truth always finds its ways, there has been leaks, resulting in attempts to cover-up this secret operation – among them is the “non-party” investigation conducted by the Danish Secret Police (PET), whom apparently feels fit enough to investigate themselves – hiring their own independent scientists/researchers to conduct the investigation.

These cover-ups/”official investigations” have therefore lead me to looking into other sources revealing the truth about Stay Behind. In that connection I would like to make a summary/translation of an online article concerning Stay Behind both in Denmark and the rest of Europe, based on the few, valid non-party investigations there have been in Scandinavia.

Link to the article:

Summary/translation: The untold story written by LG

The article begins by revealing, that The Firm, a Danish group, was the Danish fraction of Stay Behind. It is also being mentioned how The Firm was financed by CIA , as well as it was supported unofficially by the Danish Government and Military.

Stay Behind was an anti-communist, covert organization of international proportions and the organization was intended as an unorthodox part of NATO’s warfare after 2. World War – conducting a combination of espionage and partisan operations.

This was during the Cold War and the supposedly fear of a Soviet invasion lead to the establishing of Stay Behind and covert fight against communism within Europe.

Stay Behind is therefore the name of the secret army, established in the 1940s, 50s and 60s by the USA, CIA and NATO to fight communism in all western countries.

The article describes how it was a demand that all NATO countries established an unorthodox warfare program. Besides that, there isn’t a lot of documents, confirming such an operation in Denmark (there are much more documents/evidence from Norway). However, one document provides the link between the Danish fraction, The Firm and Stay Behind, as well as it provides evidence, that the Danish government was aware of this secret organization.

The evidence is related to the communication between the chief of the Danish Military Secret Service (FET), H. M. Lunding back in 1952 and his Norwegian colleague William Evang, who was going to a meeting at the CPC (Clandestine Planning Committee) formed by Saceur, the head of NATO in Europe.

Also the book Norway’s secret army – the story of Stay Behind (Norges hemmelige hær – historien om Stay Behind) provides evidence, that the Danish government was well-aware of this secret army.

Since NATO doesn’t have its own Secret Service, CIA and MI6 are two major players in planning and building Stay Behind (CIA was being the financier as well as the builder of the Stay Behind, while MI6 was training and educating the people within Stay Behind).

In the article it is also mentioned, how the Swedish fraction of Stay Behind was being conducted by people of wealth, including for instance Marcus Wallenberg, since Sweden wasn’t a part of NATO and the Swedish government therefore wasn’t involved the same way as NATO-countries.

One of The Firms main goal was eavesdropping of Danish communists among other things: Also, The Firm most likely began the same way as its Norwegian colleagues, as a private initiative of right-wing, conservative members – partly from the Danish resistance after 2. World War, partly from the high-society/people of wealth: For instance The Firm was financed by big companies within the Danish business community – among them were: Carlsberg, Tuborg, Danfoss and the two major banks in Denmark – Unibank and Danske Bank.

After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1948, the events within Stay Behind accelerated. However the secret anti-communist resistance was already being formed, during the last years of 2. World War, by conservative parts of the resistance and people within our biggest political party in Denmark, Socialdemokratiet, who formed their own secret service under 2. World War – the AIC.

AIC was in the early years lead by Urban Hansen, who at one point was mayor of Copenhagen and later Secretary of Defense and thereby head of the Danish Secret Military Service (FET).

Also it is mentioned in the article, that these conservative elements of the resistance during 2. World War was established not so much to fight Nazism, but to fight communism.

The purpose of the illegal investigations and espionage preformed by Stay Behind (with ties to both the Danish PET and FET/secret services of the police and military, as well as it was a private initiative such as The Firm, so that no connection could be made between the official Denmark and the covert operations) was to provide CIA with information’s, among others.

In the beginning the espionage was aimed mainly at the communists within Europe, but the spectrum of people being targeted was later widened to included all sorts of organizations going against the established politic.

The goal was for instance to provide information, that could exclude people with the “wrong” ideas from influence within leading positions in politics and the cooperate world. However the main goal was:

To make a list over people, who were supposed to be eliminated, interned and /or watched in case of a situation of war or social instability.

However, in comparison to both Italy and Norway, there aren’t a lot of reports concerning sabotage preformed by Stay Behind in Denmark.

Italy on the contrary was perceived both by the CIA and NATO to be a high-risk country regarding a possible communist takeover, which had devastating consequences.

I’m referring to Operation Gladio, the clandestine Stay Behind organization in Italy, which preformed a lot of covert terrorists attacks, resulting in death of a lot of innocent people. The sabotage was aimed at the communists in Italy and operation Gladio was mainly lead by old fascists and ultra-right-wing people. The core of operation Gladio consisted of 4000 right-wing extremists – who, among others, killed the Italian Premiere minister and conducted between a 1000 and 2500 terrorists attacks between 1968 – 1978. It was a time, where there were almost a civil war in Italy and the operation shows how fare NATO and CIA was willing to go, in their fight against communism.

Stay Behind is therefore being referred to as a fifth column organization – since it was operating within our democracies to provide information to foreign nations – and its legacy and followers still exist today. In other words, the organization is still up and running!

My remarks: In that connection it is also striking how the author of this article feels the need to only use his/hers initials. Last week I saw a recent Danish documentary Stay Behind – my grandfathers secret war (Stay Behind – min farfars hemmelige krig) from 2017, in which the granddaughter and her father are investigating the relation between Stay Behind and the grandfather of the granddaughter, and in that connection experiences sabotage, mainly on their cars.

Also, it is striking how this covert operation resemble the same covert operations being conducted in today’s society (both when it comes to gang stalkers aka partisans/guerrillas and spying/infiltrating the life of so-called undesirable people, as well as there are some striking similarities, when it comes to the people involved both then and now – it almost seems as if they just changed names, to cover-up the relations – their main speciality) which I guess, you have to be a T.I. or insider to really understand, since it is – COVERT. What can I say – they are still spying, trough the use of private armies, so that no link can be made (they hope), to the CIA aka Deep State and its rich allies aka the 1 %, who apparently have bought the governments within EU.

References – The Untold Story:

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