Translations of emails in relation to the anonymous phone caller

I’m going to post the correspondence between me and the job I lost, after some gang stalker called them telling them, that I was insane and giving them the address to this blog. But before I do the translation, I want to make a few hypothetical reflections.

For instance – how did this person even know I had a blog? I’m not advertising for my blog, so unless you write the right keywords, I guess, I will be very hard to find – furthermore, only a handful of my closest family and friends, knows that I even have a blog.

However, I did post my photo and full name last Wednesday, but still – if you wrote my name on Google, I don’t believe it would pop-up on Google right after I went public, especially since I didn’t write my name in any headlines, but inside a blog-post.

So, this person had to know I had a blog – HOW?  If I don’t know him?

Since I began my blog, I’ve been having less than 700 visitors in total (I’ve had more views) from all over the world. That’s not a lot – and even though most of the visitors are from Denmark, we are still 5.5 million people, so what are the odds, that somebody, who knows me see my blog right after I post my name and a photo?

And even if this person did visit my blog last week, he would also have to know, where I was working. You would actually have to know a lot about my private life to call my job and draw their attention to my blog.

Another important piece of information, that I learned during my correspondence with the job is, that it was a man, who made the anonymous phone call, claiming he was a very good friend of mine – really!!!

The only two people, who both knew about my blog and where I was working, was one of my closest relatives and a very good female friend of mine – so, the only two people, who would be able to make the phone call are these two people – unless of course, somebody is spying on my private life, which at least has to include my computer or phone, since they wouldn’t know I had a blog, just by following me.

Translation (I have left out names and other personal information, which are not relevant):

1. mail.


1. mail:

Besides, Anne – we have received an anonymous phone call from a person, who expressed serious concerns, in relation to you working for us… The person told, that you yourself are very sick and suffers from anxiety and paranoia and that you are frequently hospitalized at a mental hospital. This person also gave us the address to your website: www.targetedindividual.denmark

This of course makes us concerned and I have therefore talked to my boss, and we both agree, that we must talk to you, before you are going to work again. I hope you understand our position?


Best regards.


2. mail:


2. mail:


It truly saddens me, that somebody felt the need to write to you and lie about my mental state. In that connection I can inform you, that nobody, besides a very good friend, who is a psychologist and knows my history, knew I had begun working at… so, that’s peculiar, which is why I will handover this email-correspondence to the police.

It is true, that I have been stalked for many years, and that I therefore went to a mental emergency room in February 2017. In that connection I was hospitalized in an open facility for two weeks. Besides these two weeks, I have never been hospitalized in any psychiatric hospital, nor am I in contact with any psychiatrist or psychologist.

I have been really happy to begin….

I completely understand, that you want to talk to me about the anonymous phone call. And if I can deliver any documents/statements, for instance in connection to my hospitalization back in 2017, that would make you feel more secure, I’m more than willing to do so.

I’ll attach copies of my exam-papers and a recommendation from my last job.

Kind regards



3. mail:


3. mail:


I’ve been thinking about the situation and the conclusion is, that it is pretty violating, what this person has done by contacting you and furthermore directed your attention towards my blog, which is quite personal. It is only a few family members and friends who even knows about my blog. A few days ago, I decided to go public, which wasn’t a big deal, since I only have few readers in Denmark, and you shouldn’t be able to find my blog via my name – but apparently somebody quickly took advantage of the fact, that I had gone public.

I therefore want to inform you, that I no longer want to continue my work… since I don’t want to mix my personal life with my work life. So, this person who called you to warn you in “the best intentions” has really achieved what the person wanted.

I, however – also wants to take advantage of this unfortunate situation and go to the police with these mails.

I therefore want to know, if there is any possibility to get some more information’s about the anonymous caller? Was it for instance a man or woman – and when did you receive the phone call?

I hope it is possible for you to give me some more information’s about this person, who felt it absolutely necessary to warn you about me.

Kind regards



4. mail:


4. mail:

Hi again Anne

I completely understand, that you are shocked, that somebody contacted us, to warn us against you and giving us the address to your blog. It wasn’t me, who received the phone call, but somebody at the administration, who informed me about the call Thursday or Friday last week. I only know, that it was a male calling, and that he presented himself as a good friend of yours.

I prefer playing with open cards… and therefore talked to my boss about the situation, before contacting you, which means, that nobody else… knows about the anonymous phone call. I have never doubted your qualifications… but think it is important to have a talk about the anonymous phone call, before you go to work.

I don’t know if you are determined to stop working for us, or if you want to re-think the situation.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards


5. mail:


5. mail:


I can most definitely reassure you, that this male person is no friend of mine – I don’t even know him, and as I said before, it is only one of my friends, who knew I had begun working for you and who also knows my blog – and that is a good female friend of mine, so that is out of the question.

Yes, I have been very happy to start working at…

However, I still think it is best to quit my job, since I don’t want to mix my work with my personal life/sphere – unfortunately.

Kind regards



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