Start with Denmark

Going to a political meeting last weekend, my attention was drawn towards the Danish initiative – Start with Denmark. In the brochure the Danish government is literally inviting businesses and researchers to place their business in Denmark, since the Danish population, according to our government, is more than willing to participate in human, live research – and Denmark has a very efficient infrastructure when it comes to – for instance – collecting medical data on its citizens etc., etc.

I’m not going to over-interpreting too much – however it is interesting, that the Danish government around 2015-2016 demanded that all health records on the Danish population were to be placed in a collective data base, so all health information on each and every individual could be gathered instantly.


Denmark – The HEART of LIFE science… even the word-play is a bit eerie. And when I ask myself, why is the Rockerfeller Institute placed in Denmark? And why have Denmark placed its neurological departments in the Rockerfeller Institute? I’m becoming even more concerned about, what goes on behind the scenes.


Reading Start with Denmark 10 reasons for choosing Denmark are pointed out, among them the fifth reason, really caught my eyes: Unique social security system, long tradition for population registration, access to biobanks, homogeneous and compliant population, individuals are easily traced and open to clinical trials?!

Are they really – well, that certainly depends on the clinical trials – and in what context. And what happens, if the population for some reasons is not so open?!

I guess, these selling points might appear harmless, if you’re still living under the impression,  that we live in a safe world: But should you by any chance have realized, that Denmark is no more safe than China – and that you can be targeted for not comply to the hidden rules, when it comes to how to be a good citizen, these selling points just seems completely off.


Listening to Dr. James Giordano head of the European Union Human Brain project among many other titles talking about the necessity of key targeted individuals  ( Hidden in plain sight ) it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see this invitation as a violation of human integrity and the right to choose over ones own body.

I will post the full PDF file, both the short and the long version, under News/Links, should anybody be interested in knowing more about, how Denmark is selling its own population.

Start with Denmark – I wonder who’s next?!

Direct link to YouTube video, where Dr. Giordano is giving his lecture:

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