“Head” of the European Human Brain Project.

After my last blog-post I have decided to highlight some of the topics being addressed by Dr. James Giordano in his lecture.

Highlights including my comments:

In the introduction it is mention how neuro/brain science can be used/linked to warfare and bio weapons – one can argue, that Dr. Giordano thereby becomes the missing link between neuroscience and warfare.

“In fact what we are doing is – we are targeting the brain” Giordano almost burst out, 15:00 into his lecture and gaze at the audience – looking for any undesirable reactions (my interpretation 🙂 ).

18:16 minutes into his lecture, he pushes it a bit further, when he talks about how analyzing the brain can lead to information, which allows “them” to influence the brain of individuals or groups – and as a last comment he says: We’ve done this for a long time.

My comment: Hm… This lecture is becoming more and more interesting by the minute.

20:10: He makes a distinction between soft brain research, which includes drugs, bugs, toxins and devices.

My comment: Hm… doesn’t sound that soft to me – I wonder what hard brain research might be?

27:07: Giordano has now switch from talking about soft brain research to talk about weaponization of neuroscience and that it is vital to keep these research programs top-secret, both to protect the project and the humans involved.

My comment: Well, as a lab rat I can only speak for myself – and the last thing I want, is to keep these warfare programs hidden.

27:40: The brain is the next battlefield, Giordano continues.

My comment: Overall Giordano’s lecture is highly disturbing and revealing, so I hope people will listen to his lecture themselves, since it would be too much to go into every little detail in this blog-post.

28:37: In 2014 a task force created by the National Committee of Science determined, that brain science had reached a point where it was not only ready for prime time national security intelligence and defense applications but were currently being investigated and in some cases used in such endeavors – not only domestically but worldwide.

My comment: I like his honesty, it’s refreshing, since these topics is mostly covered in secrecy.

31:23 Giordano talks about the research program, in which he is involved, investigating bio tracking (called neurological signatures or brain fingerprints) of key individuals representing a larger group of individuals.

He goes on by talking about how they invade the brain.

Then he apparently realize, that what he is saying is way out (my interpretation) and makes a 180 degree turn – saying:

32:30: There are those who thinks – wait a minute, the last sanctified space is that of my consciousness  and you are using this stuff to invade that??? (Giordano is acting out a roleplay, where he is both the sceptic and the devils advocate) You’re right – there is an ethical argument there –  Dr Giordano, who by the way is an excellent actor, agrees.

32:55: The question is not only can we use this technology, but should we use it? Giordano continues: And if the answer is yes, then the next question is – how, when and under what circumstances?

My comment: This man must be a cyborg – he just keeps on rambling without any pauses as some sort of super-computer.

34:55: Giordano talks about sensors developed for population monitoring – information that can also be used for tracking and identification. Then he goes even further – saying, that the same information can be used to track a key individual in realtime and know who the person is, where he/she is going and who he/she is interacting with: Which can be very, very useful according to Giordano – but of course it also opens the discussion of potential neuro-ethic and legal social issues, he adds and very casual he finish the sentence by saying: We have to look at the context of use –  and how we decide what is good, and not only what is right.

My comment: In other words, what Dr. Giordano is revealing is, that they are able to monitor the individual from inside out – whenever and wherever. Giordano is really letting it all out, while the audience are silently being mind-controlled into the wonderful benefits of brain manipulation and alterations.

I wonder if the audience realize, they are being manipulated themselves – in realtime?

37:00: First Giordano makes an analogy – telling the audience, how it is already common to use drugs to enhance ones capability to study for instance – cognitive enhancements – which of course can also be used within the military: And then, he throws another big bomb, in my opinion, talking about how we can also alter the brain through the use of non-invasive (this is his terminology and certainly not mine) electromagnetic stimulation.

Giordano continues, this is already happening on an international scale, and if we don’t go along, others will use the loophole.

My comment: How can anyone deny this argument?! This guy is really persuasive – how? By mixing fear with common sense. However fear is also what led  world leaders to stop competing in the mad war-race, back in the old days. In stead they began a dialogue (I’m thinking about the nuclear disarmament back in the 80s and 90s) but apparently nobody socialize anymore – everybody is competing in today’s world – which on one hand has become a global village, on the other hand has become a divided world of individuals.

What happened to negotiation and peace conferences or other peaceful initiatives?

46:41: Giordano has now reach the point, where he speaks about neuro-weapons in a very casual manner, as if he was selling some random insurance.

49:45 minutes into the lecture he goes on speaking about whether key individuals will be implanted? Yes they will, Dr. Giordano answers: Would people in general be implanted, he then ask, to which he replies? No, they won’t… at least not in the immediate future, Giordano adds.

My comment: Well, what’s your definition of the immediate future, mister Giordano? My own definition of the immediate future is very abstract – is it now, tomorrow or a year from now?

54:10 minutes into his sale speech, Dr Giordano has reach the part called: Divide and conquer. He is clearly moving into the part where he is talking to people’s fear – us and them. We need this technology, because not all are as good as us, seems to be his message.

My comment: And we all know by now, listening to Dr Giordano, that negotiations is not an option, because we don’t think the same way – apparently there are those who will always seek evil, if I interpret Giordano correctly.

Hm… is that so, Dr. Giordano? I wonder who that might be?

And he just goes on and on with his speed-talk, talking about cultural divisions and worldviews. Well, that might be Dr Giordano, but can’t we at least agree on one thing – that we all want to live in a peaceful world?

Apparently not – because we are to different, and there are evil people out there, wanting to harm us, if I do understand Dr Giordano correctly.

An hour into his sales speech, Dr Giordano is finally ready to address the topic of ethic: By which ethics shall we address this neuroscience warfare B.S., he ask – well, he doesn’t use the same words as I do, but the message is the same. And since the audience is dead silent, not knowing what to think, I presume, Giordano goes on, since he always seems to have the answers himself, presenting another possible ethic, which is, to use this technology on the basis of: Justification of use to prevent war.

My comment: Oh, my God – my alarm bells are ringing: JUSTIFICATION OF USE TO PREVENT WAR! This lecture is pure fiction, as we have just entered the Minority Report. Giordano have just justified the use of this technology on POSSIBLE dissidents in his casual manner – as I see it: Meaning me, you, everybody – who knows, what we might possibly do???

Well, he said it!

And finally Dr Giordano can close the curtains by underlining, once again, that this is a race. Dr. Giordano refers to the neurotechnology war-race as a super-speedway (so we better get going, I suppose?). And like any race, he adds, the morbidity and mortality is real.

My comment: It sure is, mister Giordano!

And then – finally, Dr. Giordano finish his lecture with an anecdote from his own childhood, where his father tells him – be careful, sometimes you can’t go back.

My comment: Well, call me naive – Dr. Giordano, I still believe, we as humans have the capacity to negotiate – just as we did with the nuclear bomb. And I still believe, that we as a species all share the same goal, when it comes to world peace.

Isn’t that motif enough for negotiation?


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