I have contacted a lawyer with little result.

I haven’t told, that I contacted a lawyer 1 or 2 month ago, since the worst thing, I can think of after premature death and leaving the people closest to me behind with a lot of doubt and probably also guilt, is – that my testimony would vanish into the thin air.

So, I contacted the only lawyer, I could think of, whom I would trust, since he is famous in Denmark for fighting the people’s case – against the big and powerful system.

I tried to contact him on the phone, but was immediately rejected by the secretary – I didn’t even tell her anything about my case. However, I managed to make an agreement, that I would write directly to the lawyer on email.

I tried to make my email to him as brief and rational as possible, even though it is very hard to explain in a rational manner, that you are being targeted with DEW. However, I didn’t go into too many details and only explained, that I wanted my case to stay alive, no matter what happened – as well as I asked for his advise concerning my situation.

The following day, I got a short email in return, where he rejected my request and at the same time advised me to contact another lawyer.

Well, the point is, there is nobody else I trust – I don’t trust any of these rich lawyers living in Gentofte to take care of my case, in case I won’t be able to do it myself.

So, why did he reject my case, was it because he thought I was crazy? Ironically, I hope it was. I sure don’t hope, it is because he knows about these atrocities and wanted nothing to do with it, just as it was the case with the journalist, who Johan (another Danish T.I.) talked to on the public, political meeting on Bornholm this summer.

I guess it is most likely, that he just thought I was insane, since there is no easy way to present electromagnetic harassment – or more precisely – electromagnetic torture and killing.

However, speaking to a friend, who’s boyfriend is a psychologist working in a University in the US, I learned that she had told him about my situation and that he, much to her surprise – and mine, believed that what I was telling, was true (it’s not that she doesn’t believe me, but he is the type of person, who is not easily convinced about anything, that haven’t been proven beyond any reasonable doubt).

And I wondered – how many people actually knows about these crimes against humanity, could it be, that the lawyer knew, or is it because my friends boyfriend, works in the University-world in the US, where these atrocities might not be so unfamiliar?

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