The New York Times makes a long article about Cuba, China and RF/Microwave weapons!

If you are a skeptic when it comes to the existence of microwave weapons etc. – please read this article posted in the NY Times on September 1st 2018:

Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

I’ll make a few quotes from the article:

Russia, China and many European states are seen as having the know-how to make basic microwave weapons that can debilitate, sow noise or even kill. Advanced powers, experts say, might accomplish more nuanced aims such as beaming spoken words into people’s heads. Only intelligence agencies know which nations actually possess and use such unfamiliar arms.

The basic weapon might look like a satellite dish. In theory, such a device might be hand-held or mounted in a van, car, boat or helicopter.

In his paper, he said high-intensity beams of microwaves could have caused the diplomats to experience not just loud noises but nausea, headaches and vertigo, as well as possible brain-tissue injury. The beams, he added, could be fired covertly, hitting “only the intended target.”

“It’s sort of naïve to think this just started now,” he said. Globally, he added, covert strikes with the potent beams appear to have been going on for decades.


I have chosen these quotes since they back up what most of the people I know, just can’t comprehend. I’ll also urge everyone to watch the NY short documentary on the subject included in the article.

As a last remark – I must say, that there are a lot of understatements, in my opinion: for instance, that many countries including Europe, have the means to develop these weapon. This is much more advanced and widespread, than what the article describes – you can research it yourself on the Internet – or you can investigate the testimonies of the targeted individuals worldwide who suffers on a daily basis – please!



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