My medical journals 2 – heart-issues etc.

Today, I myself am certain (based on my medical history and common sense) that I have been a target for decades, in my opinion most likely since childhood. However, I haven’t been able to track my medical records all the way back in time. I can only offer my testimony as truthful as I can, which means, that I might be wrong, even though my many different and strange health-issues are a strong indicator along with my family history.

I have already talked about, how I’m certain my parent’s political views back in the 70s – early 80s, are the reason, why I was chosen as a target. This was during the cold war and some might have forgotten, how divided the world was back then, and how much of an issue it was both politically and when it came to military defense.

So, based on our history, it is perfectly likely in my opinion, that people who were considered a political threat to the basic principles of capitalism, could be handpicked for undercover military operations/surveillance and/or even testing – due to the fact, that they were highly unwanted, depending on how you view it from a politically perspective: And I have no doubt, it was done in the “best intention”, because God knows what influence my parents for instance might have had on me  – as a matter of fact, getting rid of someone like me, would only make our peaceful world safer – right? Of course, that’s a wild guess, but it is based on our most recent history.

I mean, if they want to test new technology whether it’s military technology or any other technology, what better way than to test it on real people? And due to my knowledge, people have been doing awful atrocities throughout history, even within our western culture – do I need to mention MKUltra, COINTELPRO, Nuclear testing etc.?

Ever since the end of world war 2 we have been living in a democracy, based on freedom of speech and human rights (at least most people in the western world still lives under that impression) but in a historically context, that’s more of an exception than the norm, and who knows what goes on behind the scenes?

When that’s being said, I will share my second medical investigation with you, because it is quite apparent to me these days, that one must do one’s own research to find the truth, while the truth we are being offered is nothing but a pretty façade and don’t tell anything about, what goes on behind the scenes.

Again, I will only share what I find necessary to show a pattern, just as it was the case with my first medical findings – and for obvious reasons: This is my personal life, and if it wasn’t because of the emergency of my situation, I wouldn’t even consider publishing my medical history online.

I’ll therefore only focus on some of the same symptoms, that I suffer from today – and which I, based on my first-hand experiences, believe are related to the electromagnetic harassment: In this particular blog-post I’ll therefore focus on symptoms related to brain and heart-issues along with some “unspecified” symptoms (again depending on how you view it) also mentioned in that connection.

I’ll begin with the first journal back in 2011, when I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night, and work my way through my medical records up until today. I might comment my findings along the way, while I might have information in connection to my journals, that are not being mentioned in the medical records.

As a last note, I will not make direct translation, because it’s too time-consuming – so, unless you speak Danish, you ‘ll have to settle with my summaries and occasional translations 😊



June 25th 2011

At 23:20 am I was talking to a doctor on the phone. In the journal is mentioned, that I was feeling dizzy and had this pressure inside my head, including my scalp, and was feeling  beside myself. It was therefore agreed, that I would go to the emergency room.


September 23rd 2011

Approximate two month later there is a new event. This time it’s my doctor writing, that I have been feeling very tired and was short of breath ever since I had the flu back in February 2011. It is also mentioned that I over-all felt very poorly and had no real energy and was worried it could be related to heart-issues after watching a TV-program about symptoms of heart-issues. However, I had been through some test, that didn’t implied it was related to heart-issues. As a last note, it is mentioned that I was feeling okay between July and mid September, but now was feeling sick and tired again.

Other symptoms mentioned – nightly sweating and occasionally dizziness.

What strikes me with these two journals from 2011 is, that this is  my first documented reports regarding heart and brain-issues, and that I had been sick for almost eight month, and was having night-sweat, dizziness and respiratory issues, which is among some of the major symptoms I’m suffering from now.


October 18th 2015

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to collect all my day-to-day medical journals from my doctor prior to 2016, but only the notes made by my doctor in relation to my hospital journals. So, before 2016 I have almost no medical records from my doctor, painting a picture of my over-all daily well-being.

However in October 2015 there is a new event, where I’m in contact with the hospital: In my journals it is mentioned, that I was refered to the hospital after sudden pressure across my chest. It is also mentioned, that the symptoms are gone after arriving to the hospital and that I’m now feeling fine again. Lastly it is mention that I, around six o’clock in the morning was having this feeling of pressure against my chest and a sensation of not being able to use the full capacity of my lungs (breathe properly) due to the pressure.

I 2011 I had my first recorded problems with head/brain pressure and in 2015 it is recorded that I was having heart-issues, there were other issues with my heart prior to that, but because they were reported in connection to me having issues with antibiotic, I have chosen not to mention them.

What is also striking to me in the journal from 2015, besides the symptoms mentioned, is that my symptoms seemed to have disappeared after arriving at the hospital – which is very typical, you can actually walk in and out of the beam and as soon as you are out of the beam, the symptoms seems to vanish.

What isen’t mentioned in my hospital journals including the notes from my doctor in relation to my hospital journals – is, that I, especially in 2014 – 2015 had severe cognitive issues – my brain was a fog, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t remember anything, I was feeling beside myself – and to a degree that really stood out as extreme and odd.


July 26th 2016

The next incident that I would like to briefly mention is reported the year after, in 2016, where I’m complaining about my health in general and that I’m just not feeling well, as well as it is mentioned, that I’m dealing with being short of breath from time to time.

This was back in the summer of 2016 and around the time, when I first began to have serious and mysterious health-issues in a more consistent manner, as well as I was starting to have issues with Gang Stalking without really understanding, what was going on.


September 27th 2016

Two month later at 00:15 am I’m in contact with the emergency room due to respiratory issues. It is also mention that I had been having different virus infections (the flu) and was feeling very poorly.

And it is mentioned, that my respiratory issues seemed to have disappeared after I had left my apartment and I was feeling fine again.

Lastly there is a short comment regarding me having to see an otorhinolaryngologist the following day. Since I moved to my new apartment in 2016 I had been dealing with extreme dry throat and not being able to breathe through my nose, which I thought had to do with my apartment and the building being made out of concrete, however I see it differently today, while these symptoms still occurs now and then in relation to me being covertly attacked with DEW.


November 29th 2016

First it is mentioned, that I’m calling the doctor regarding the same symptoms as mentioned on November 24th, but that my symptoms is now appearing more frequent, I was therefore given a time to an acute consultation with my doctor.

In my journal it is mentioned, that I’ve been having brief pain-attacks in the left side of my chest during the last month. It is also mentioned that I have begun going to the gym, but that the pain only appears, when I’m doing nothing in particular, meaning the pain doesn’t appear when I’m training. Lastly it is mention that the pain varies from 20 seconds to a couple of minutes.

This was back in 2016, which means that I have not yet made any connection between my health-issues and the electromagnetic harassment, mainly taking place in the apartment above mine. At that time I only noticed a lot of nightly activity in the apartment above (people literally was running around in the middle of the night, furnitures were being moved and machine sounds turned on and off) but was not able to relate it to my own health-issues. Physically I was just feeling very poorly, for instance I had a flu in September 2016, that lasted six weeks, and in the end of 2016 I was looking like a rag. I remember being in Paris during Christmas and that I was almost unable to move around the city, due to total exhaustion. It was so apparent, that people around me couldn’t help but noticing the condition I was in. This was around the same time, that I knew I was clearly being followed by people and that people were messing with my computer and phone.



April 12th 2017

Approximate one month after leaving the psychiatric hospital (please read my first medical journal findings) it is mention in my medical journals, that I’m not sleeping very well and that I have strong pain in the back of my head, which was new to me, while I didn’t usually have headaches. The headache is appearing several times during the week and can last from hours to days. The headache is also followed by nausea, without vomiting, and no appetite, besides exhaustion. It is also mentioned, that I’m even more tired waking up, than before going to bed and that I’m close to fainting. Lastly it is mentioned, that all my symptoms began 7 month back (they actually became apparent all the way back to August 2016). Then the doctor writes – short of breath and that I have this buzzing sensation in my ears.


April 30th 2017

Approximate two weeks later, at 04:15 am I going to the emergency room because of difficulties breathing. It is mentioned, that I’m explaining, how I’ve been having a feeling of being short of breath, including also palpitation, which occurs as attacks. It is explained, how I have a hard time using the full capacity of my lungs, but that I don’t coughs or have any pain in my chest. Also, I’m having hot flushes, that I’m suspecting it is related to menopause? ( I don’t suspect it had anything to do with menopause anymore) As a last comment I mention – prickling sensations in my legs.

This was back in early 2017 and by now I’m aware of the fact, that I’m being electromagnetic radiated in some form, but still haven’t heard about Gang Stalking and Electromagnetic harassment. So my interpretations was back then, that I was dealing with an isolated event, connected to a group of people, related to the stalker, who had been stalking me since early 2010.


May 30th 2017

In my journals from the hospital, it is mentioned, that my main complain is palpitation, which appears as attacks of a couple of minutes durations 2 – 3 times a week. These attacks are being followed by tightening feeling around the chest, but no real chest-pains. Sometimes I’m only being short of breath. It is also mentioned that I’ve been having these attacks since January.

The doctor writes, that I have asthma and since I had the flu in September 2016 I’ve been dealing with increased shortness of breath, and that I only have little effect of my asthma-medication. Especially during the last two month it is mentioned, that it has become increasingly worse and that I must have many breaks while climbing stairs as well as I walk slower than normal.

As a last remark it is mention that I also have needle-pains in the left side of the chest, but that these symptoms have nothing to do with my respiratory issues.

Well, I don’t agree on that evaluation, because both symptoms is related to the electromagnetic harassment, but since the world is more or less being kept in the dark, when it comes to these covert weapons it is logic, that my doctor don’t see any connection.

In that connection it is also important to mention, that even though all of my symptoms can be explained otherwise, I have no doubt they are related to the electromagnetic harassment, since I first became aware I was being electromagnetic harassed back in January 2017 and especially after I was recently being beamed by drones and/or satellites: while the beaming of my body immediately resulted in the above mentioned symptoms among others.

In my journal it is also mentioned, that I have asthma (which – by the way – I suspect is due to the harassment, in my opinion, going all the way back to childhood, but that’s another story, that I will go more deeply into later).

Because I’ve been suffering from asthma since the age of 12, not severely – but still. After I quit smoking in 2010 I almost haven’t had asthma at all. And though it is easy to relate my lung-symptoms with the fact, that I have asthma, I myself is convinced the issues in 2017 had nothing to do with asthma. Asthma causes the windpipe to be narrow, however the symptoms I had last year had nothing to do with a narrow wind-pipe but was located deep down in my lungs (my lungs literally felt like stones) as well as the asthma-medication had little to no effect.

However in the end it was concluded that I suffered from an atypical asthma after I had been in and out of the hospital throughout 2017 (I had never been hospitalized with lung-issues prior to 2017) which to me is another way of saying, that the doctors weren’t a 100 % certain about my “condition”.

I myself have no doubt, that my condition was related to me being heavily microwaved, because all my symptoms, whether it is lung, heart or head/brain related, always happened as a result of these covert attacks. By the way – how come that I’m not only suffering from lung-issues, but also brain and heart-issues, which according to the doctors are not related in any way. One must acknowledge the fact, that I was being treated  for many different and severe health-issues during 2017.


May 30th 2017 (continuing)

Furthermore the doctor is writing on the same day, that I have a tendency to have swollen  hands and feet, which I back then believe was due to menopause. Well, I most certainly don’t believe that anymore, especially not after the doctor told me, that swollen feet could be related to heart-issues. And I did have a lot of water in my feet and legs last year, to the point where I was given medication, in case it got worse.



June 29th 2017

In June my doctor is writing, that I’m complaining about headaches located in the back of my head and mainly occurring in connection with me waking up in the morning. It is also explained, how I’m feeling a pressure the size of tennis ball towards the back of my head. And that I, besides the headaches, have been feeling extremely tired the last 10 month besides also having night-sweat from time to time.

As a last remark, the doctor writes: Other issues with organs – palpitation, patient is being followed at the hospital, shortness of breath, patient is being followed at the hospital.


August 2nd 2017

Patient calls to inform, that she has water in her feet, an it is agreed she must come acute. Patient has been dealing with a little fluid in her legs (my remark: big understatement) and is being treated at the hospital for possible heart-issues.

Between August 2nd and I’m being hospitalized in September, I’m go to the emergency room twice, because I’m unable to breathe and are treated acute.



September 5th 2017

In September I’m going to the emergency room again, being almost unable to breathe, with swollen red burning eyes and nose running and this time I was hospitalized for a week, due to the severity of my symptoms. The first comment in my journal is an over-all description of my physical condition when arriving at the emergency room and will not be translated.

The second comment however is important, because it’s a nurse calling a doctor, because I was suddenly having heavy palpitations while I was laying in my hospital bed. I will like to add in that connection, that even when I went to the hospital, I was being electromagnetic harassed by my perpetrators. And while I was laying in the hospital bed having sudden palpitations it was clear to me, that I was being beamed from underneath. I tried to tell the staff about my situation, but they totally refused any such thing, and when I asked – but why am I having this sudden palpitation, the answer was – anxiety. Then I asked the doctor about my red swollen eyes, being completely dark-red and burning, to which she just pulled on her shoulders, meaning – no explanation.

Two days earlier I had been publishing my first YouTube video after going on YouTube writing keywords such as stalking, stalking by proxy and gang stalking: And it was in that connection I learned about electromagnetic harassment as a worldwide phenomenon happening to innocent people all over the world – and that there was a Gang Stalking program, where people on the streets, even your neighbors, would systematically harass you and completely destroy you life: health-wise, financially, work-wise, relationship-wise etc. I was shocked, totally shocked, but also relieved, because I knew now, that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t crazy, but could relate to others for the first time since January 2017, when it first became apparent to me, that I was being electromagnetic harassed – so I immediately started my YouTube channel.


October 9th 2017

A month later the hospital writes about me: Woman having palpitations and tightening sensation around the chest since January. Little effect of asthma-medication. Also needle-pains in the left side of chest.


December 2nd 2017

In December I’m being hospitalized again, this time only for a couple of days, because of difficulties breathing.

I remember this event vividly. For a long time I was being beamed with microwaves over and over again, but this particular day/night it just became too much – over and over again I was consistently being beamed with microwaves wherever I went in Copenhagen. I managed to get back to the Pension where I lived at the time, but when I wanted to go to my room, I was completely unable to breathe, almost suffocating. I knew, I had to go to the hospital, while standing on the street outside the Pension, but didn’t know how I should manage walking the 15 meters to my car. I thought about calling an ambulance, but instead managed to go to my car by taking two steps and then stop to catch my breath, and then take to steps more. In the end I got inside my car – gasping for air, being totally out of it. It was then I knew, that I could no longer stay at the Pension either. Since then I have learned, that I doesn’t matter how much you run, you have to stand your ground and face the problems.


January 31st 2018

The last comment I want to share is from January this year; it’s “just” being mentioned, that I have issues with palpitation and being short of breath, and that these symptoms still exist.

It isn’t more than 10 days ago, where I was laying in my bed, due to palpitations and all the other chest-issues, being sick with nausea and extremely tired. Last night I went back to the hospital again, due to palpitation and all my chest-issues. So, things are pretty much the same.

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