Being followed

While I’m at it, I might as well post the last YouTube video missing on this Blog, in which I try to document, how I’m being gang-stalked and electromagnetic harassed. In that connection it is important to underline, that I can only show, what I’m experiencing and not the actual crime taking place – other than indirect.

In the case, where I was being followed by many cars last year, it is also important to mention, that after I went public with the video of the shooting incidence, my perps became much more careful, always jamming my electronic equipment remotely – however, they can’t jam my small Canon pocket camera, maybe because the case is made out of metal?

In this particular video it is also important to mention, that I’m driving 60 kilometer per hour/40 mile, while I’m driving on the highway – which is way under the permitted speed limit, and still the perpetrator in his car, won’t pass me, he doesn’t pass my car, before I myself gets off the highway 5 minutes later.

Also it is important to mention, that I’m back at making videos again, meaning – I have begun editing more videos, after I haven’t made any videos for a long time, mainly because I was afraid, my perps would get too much insight and take their precautions as they usually do.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload this video to my blog – for some reason??? Which is why I’ll redirect you to my YouTube channel.


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