The sound of the silent holocaust

I have made a new YouTube video, in which I try to document some of the many low-frequent sounds surrounding me, mostly in my room. As I mentioned before, it sometimes feels like I’m living in a high-tech machine room. Most of the sound – however, you can’t really record, at least not with normal video equipment. But some sounds being produced by the energy from the electromagnetic weapons, you can actually hear, if you listen carefully. Another sound you can’t hear with your ear, but is picked up by the camera – I could hear something, just not the sound being produced by my camera.

And – no, there is nothing wrong with my camera, which I also try to demonstrate: I simply believe that the frequencies are interfering with the technology inside the camera, producing these telling, or should I say revealing, sounds.

Besides the low-frequent sounds, there is absolute silence in the room, while I’m laying in my bed.

Other videos I have posted lately: I have sent a request to the police  Documenting a microwave attack

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