The Police have answered my request

Recently I heard from the police after filing a request regarding:
• Why they had chosen not to investigate the video of the shooting incident any further, which took place outside my car August 9th 2017?
• As well as requesting to look into my actual case (My first request: I have send a request to the police).
The answer I received was first of all: That they could only investigate the shooting incident on August 9th 2017 and not the second shooting incident, because it took place in another town ?!
So, what the Police are saying is, that even though these two shooting incidents are most likely related, I’ll have to go to two different Police Stations, because it didn’t happen in the same town?! And by the way – why didn’t anyone tell me this before?
Regarding my second request, they send me a copy of my statement?! Well, I know what I said to the Police, but apparently my case only contains my statement. I have therefore written to the Police again: Asking them, if they could please tell me, why they had chosen to drop the case.

The Police answer to me:


Copy of my statement – a.k.a my case (please note, that the case was dropped the same day I made my statement and handed over the video footage – August 18th 2017. And when I came back two weeks later to hear about the progress in my  case, I was told that the case was closed. I asked – why? And was furthermore told in an angry tone, by the police officer in charge that day, that he didn’t know, but that the police officer investigating my case was very competent and thorough – though not more thorough, than he got the time of the shooting all wrong – the shooting happened after 04:00 am – and not at 01:52 am. Also note, that I deliberately didn’t  mention anything about electromagnetic harassment in my statement, I only mention what happened in relation to the shooting incident and still my case was dropped the same day?).



Translation of my statement/the report written by the police:
The claimant is sleeping in her car, where she has put up a camera underneath the car. During the night the camera has filmed a Peugeot 107, briefly parked next to the claimants car. It sounded like a shot was being fired. Video secured. The claimant seemed paranoid and believed it was part of a bigger case concerning Gang Stalking, where a lot of different people were following her. She explained that she also, on 17/08-2017 at approximate 02:30 am, heard three shots at the parking lot next to Bellahøj Police Station. Here she had seen a white Volvo Station Car leaving the place. The claimant had sold her apartment and was primarily living in her car, which she was convinced had a hidden GPS, so the stalkers could find her. She explained that she was being subjected to massive hacker-attacks and that she was being followed by a Silver Gray Aygo and a Black Jeep. The claimant is voluntary connected to the psychiatric facilities and is recommended to continue.
My remarks to the report/my statement.
The report is fairly accurate, but not quite: First of all, I had sold my apartment, but at the time still owned it. And I wasn’t mainly sleeping in my car, but occasionally. I don’t know why the police write I seemed paranoid – was it due to what I told them? Also the report is pretty simplified, and a lot of information is left out – for instance the Silver Gray Aygo and the Jeep, was not following me in general, but followed me on a specific incident right after I left the scene, where the first shot was fired by a man in his Peugeot 107. It is also true, that I went to the psychiatric hospital myself in February 2017 and stayed for two and a half weeks, because I was desperate and didn’t know where else to go, and everyone thought I had lost it – I also had a naive hope, that the psychiatrists would know the difference between sanity and insanity, while I was still in the early phase of being a full-blown T.I.: After being hospitalized in an open facility, I “voluntary” talked to a psychologist once a month during the summer of 2017, to show my good will and not risking being locked up by force. Well, that did backfire, because while I maintained my experiences, I was perceived to be even more delusional by my psychologist.

My most recent and second letter to the police:


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