Documenting a microwave attack

I relation to my latest blog-post I have cut the scene, where I’m being beamed with micro-waves, out of one of my YouTube videos, to document an actual attack, where I’m being hit with micro-waves in a fashion, that made it hard to breathe.

The attack was filmed 3:23 am – November 17th 2017

Some days ago I also watched a video about the danger of the 5G wireless network and in that connection learned, that 5G (60 GHz) effects the hemoglobin in binding the oxygen: Which could explain why I couldn’t breathe and was hospitalized on numerous occasions last year after being severely microwaved – as well as the second T.I. I got in contact with, Allan, was hospitalized recently, because he couldn’t breathe and had very low oxygen-levels in his blood. But of course the doctors knows nothing about these hidden dangers and their effects on the human body – I suppose nobody tells them – and when you try to tell them, you are perceived as delusional – so I stopped, instead I’m writing on my blog.

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