I have sent a request to the police

As part of collecting my medical journals, I also wrote to the police last week requesting a statement regarding why they didn’t investigate the video footage any further of the shooting incident I delivered to them last year. So now I’m waiting for their reply.



In short terms I’m asking the police, why they didn’t see any reason to investigate my case any further. I’m also making a request regarding two other incidents, that I told them about, when I handed over the video-file of the shooting incident: one where I’m being chased by two cars and another incident (one week after the first shooting incident) where I’m sleeping in another remote area, when an old, white Volvo station-car drives up next to my car and fire three warning-shoots before leaving very fast. In my letter I’m therefore asking the police, if they found out anything in connection to these two other incidents, that I reported.

I embed the videos I gave to the police (which I already did publish on my YouTube channel) because they are my most convincing evidence to this day, of me being gang stalked and harassed, though not electromagnetic, because that would take some special effort to document – for instance I already posted a video of a microwave attack on YouTube, that I measured with my emf detector.

Since then I haven’t been able to measure any directed energy attacks. In that connection I learned, through reading on the website: www.countertruth.com, that they can change the frequencies, so that the measuring device isn’t able to pick up the frequencies, even if you are being blasted with directed energy. That’s also why the writer on countertruth doesn’t recommend spending money on emf devices, because they are useless in the long run.

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